"For the self is a sea, boundless and measureless."

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye"

With reverence, I bow to the practice and path that yoga, bodywork  and meditation have helped usher me towards. From this lens of burgeoning insight, I have been able to develop a more spacious capacity for life's mystery and more interest in it's investigation.


Experienced in a myriad of ways, we all have an accumulation of conditioning.  Consciously experiencing the limiting nature of this inherent conditioning keeps me on the path and keeps me dedicated to supporting others in getting to know and untangle their webs.... 


We all contain an enigmatic and deep knowing of something freer and more whole; an omniscient and living presence of possibility and conscious choice.  Instead of living from a place disconnected from this, we can start to see and feel the patterns that are calling us toward a deeper inquiry into what is possible. The body's connection to energetic intelligence  is a resource in this process. My work and life are intimately woven and dedicated to this work of connection and presence; to be in clear communication with the body and life force.  


Although I have always felt the call to teach and hold space, I am a constant student.  I continue to study with Sarah Powers in mindfulness and yin yoga, as well as various bodyworkers and mentors.  This also includes the work of recognizing how and where power and privilege are operating and trying to make choices that don't reinforce these often invisible systems. I am continuously discovering new layers to these systems in my life and body; internal and external.  I works with all bodies and beings from a place of inquiry and heart, to co-create a safe container for healing and increased awareness. 

"The point is to unify and harmonize the opposites, both positive and negative, by finding a ground which transcends and encompasses them both"

-Ken Wilber