"For the self is a sea, boundless and measureless."

The intelligence needed for healing resides both within and outside of the body. It can become stuck and stagnant in the tissues or we become disconnected from the source. I aim to assist people in feeling and waking up their healing force, to release stagnation and re-direct patterns in the body and nervous system towards well being. This also includes guiding individuals toward a heightened and more fine tuned ability to listen and create partnership with the body.


Whether in bodywork or yoga, I work with clients to support an embodied sense of optimal alignment and Self-connection.


This is not fixed.  Nothing is.

Bodywork sessions enlist combined technique and appropriate depth to impact the tissues in an efficient and useful way.  Including but not limited to: deep tissue, structural and fascial work, energetic techniques and other mind/body therapies.

Mindfulness, self inquiry, plant medicine and my own practice  inform the way I work which is conscious of structure and anatomy yet driven by something more global and interconnected.