"For the self is a sea, boundless and measureless."

Deep Therapeutic Massage 60min/$90  90/$130

Tailored to each individual.  Sometimes it is important to treat what is acute, and at other times the needs for the body and system are bigger and may not be based on pain or injury.


Energy/Intuitive session 60min/$90  90/$130:

This individualized session is a hands-on approach uing intuitive touch and energetic resonance. Through listening to your subtle body, Misha moves and clears places of holding that are not serving your current call in life.


Personalized Yoga Instruction 60min/$100

Whether you are new to yoga or have a strong practice these sessions compliment, deepen and refine, from where you already are. Because yoga is repetitive, albeit conscious, often our patterned ways of moving can unconsciously reinforce imbalance and tension. In these sessions, we try and bring more of the unconscious patterning to the conscious. Ranging from passive stretching to strong and dynamic movement, personalized meditation or breaking down specific postures, each session is unique and honors what is most current. These sessions can also be a container to support and nourish yourself during times of challenge or to recognize a special day or transition.

Yin Yoga 60min/$100

Yin energy is the energy deep within our tissues; it is an essential force supporting who we are, where we are and where we might be going(evolving).  The meridians through which this energetic intelligence travels, maintain the health and vitality of our organs.  Yin yoga opens blockages in the inner channels so this energy can flow clearly and directly.  On a physical level, yin yoga increases the range of motion and maintains health in the tissues and joints.  It is magnificent and magical for stress, injury prevention and chronic patterns of tension and pain in the body.  

Combined Yoga and Massage Session 90 minutes $130

Beginning with yoga can help open up the inner channels so that the body is more receptive to the massage.  The yoga also helps to direct the bodywork.


Home Visits 60min $100 

Home visits are only for people who are not able to come in due to injury or life situation.  I will come to your home so that you can experience yoga, bodywork , energy work ans or meditation in a way that meets you where and how you are.