"For the self is a sea, boundless and measureless."

Misha is so much more than a massage therapist. Even calling her a body worker doesn’t even begin to describe the holistic treatment that she provides. Misha is intuitive, knowledgeable and sensitive. Misha's sessions are a combination of fantastic hands on massage, deep energy healing and profound presence. Words really don’t describe my experience, but let me just sum it up like this:

Misha is a powerful healer, and my visits to her now play an integral part of my total well-being.  - Rob L.


Misha is an artist and a gem of a yoga teacher. Misha is deeply sensitive to the room and leads a slow, embodied, powerful practice with attention and clarity. Misha's sequencing is sophisticated -- gradually opening to the heart, the mind and the body. I feel I drop into a place where I can intimately listen to the subtleties of my body and reach physical challenges I didn't realize I could access. Misha has a gift to skillfully set the intention - always coming from a grounded place that I can connect to and which brings me immediately to the what the present moment has to offer. From the moment I hear Misha's steady clear voice, warm and peaceful nature-- I return to my aliveness in the moment. I feel she is a teacher of teachers, and cannot recommend anyone more highly.  - Michal L.